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3M™ Scott™ ELSA Sprint Escape Emergency Life Support Apparatus

March 27, 2021

Part of the 3M™ Scott™ ELSA (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) range, the ELSA Sprint positive pressure escape breathing apparatus is designed to be simple to use and robust, conforming to European Standard EN 402:2003 and is available as a soft hooded or full face variant, as well as a standard and anti-static variants.

The ELSA Sprint is a positive pressure escape set, providing air on demand for situations where the escape route may require a lot of physical exertion or where the maximum levels of protection are required.

Product highlights

  • Maximum level of respiratory protection
  • Available in hooded and facemask versions
  • High performance reducer
  • Maintainable by trained personnel, low through life costs
  • Low training requirement
  • Automatic activation
  • 10 and 15 minute options available,
    steel or composite shell options
  • Available with high visibility or anti-static bag
  • Automatic and manual activation
  • Hooded variant features whistle to alert user to remove
    hood when air is depleted

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