Emergency Services Air Trailer



Here at IPT Ltd we are able to offer portable diesel BA compressors mounted in specially designed twin axle trailers for filling BA cylinders for the Emergency Services and also diving cylinders for the Diving Industry and Search & Rescue

These units are custom designed and built in Cork by us in consultation with the client and typically utilise a 570 litre per minute, 3 cylinder diesel compressor complete with filtration to EN 12021 for filling via a stainless steel filling panel comprising 4 or 6 hoses with dual pressure (200 bar & 300 bar) filling options.

Air quality is guaranteed by inline moisture monitoring called PURACON which indicates when the filter cartridge requires replacing ( see pdf: Puracon Moisture Monitor).

The front of the trailer, housing the compressor is separated from the rear filling area by a sound proof barrier and has a telescopic air intake for clean air intake. The roof of the trailer is fitted with an air extractor for the removal of excess heat. The rear of the trailer can be fitted with a protective awning for bad weather.

These units are currently being operated by several Emergency Services notably Laois andCorkCityand diving concerns inGalway.


  • Dual Pressure Filling
  • Air Storage to 350 bar
  • Rear awning
  • NITROX continuous blending for Diving
  • Emergency lighting